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Grande-Bretagne : Des milliers de personnes ont participé à la conférence du Khilafah (Hizb-ut-Tahrir)

Londres : samedi 4 Août 2007- – L’Hizb ut-Tahrir Grande Bretagne a organisé une imposante conférence, pendant ce mois de Rajab (commémoration de la chute du Khilafah), suivie par plusieurs milliers de participants. Les participants ont put entendre des discours précis, sur la situation désastreuse du monde islamique, et comment l’Etat du Khilafah est la seule solution.

TJ Photos

thumb_Palm Court 2
Entrance to the conference hall

Conference delegates gather outside

The conference hall during setup

Entrance to the venue

Delegates gather at the HTB information and book stalls

Books sold at the stalls

Male delegates waiting to enter conference hall

Brothers prayer hall

Taji Mustafa speaks to reporters

Abu Shaker interviewed by Muslim media

Inside delegates gather to watch the opening video

Hasan al-Hasan starts with Qur’an recitation

Jalaluddin Patel, Chairperson for the conference introduces the day

The audience


The chair discusses how the issue of Khilafah is a vital issue and the dominant discussion in the world

Taji Mustafa delivers talk 1: The Muslim World Today

Taji Mustafa’s speech is well received

Abu Shaker delivers talk 2: The View from the Muslim Street

Kamal Abu Zahra delivers talk 3: Khilafah – An Established Obligation

Kamal AbuZahra leaves no room for doubt that Khilafah is central to Islam

The panel for session one

Dr Nazreen Nawaz delivers talk 4: Women and Khilafah

The audience

Sajjad Khan begins the expert panel by discussing the Islamic economic solutions for the world

Expert panel: Burahn Hanif discusses ‘good governance’

Expert panel: ‘Only Islam can solve sectarianism and allow tolerance for non-Muslim citizens’ Jamal Harwood

Expert Panel

Expert panel: Ferdeous Ahmed discusses the Khilafah and international relations

Talk 5: Dr Abdul Wahid explains the role of Muslims in the West towards the work for Khilafah

Question and Answer Session panel

The audience raises important questions to the panel

Talk 6: Dr Imran Waheed gives the final address ‘A Global Call’

Imran Waheed presents the work of HT the world over

Dr Imran Waheed ends the conference with dua’


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